What Trainers for Turbo Tour - Turbo Tour Cycling Trainer App
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What Trainers for Turbo Tour

What Trainers for Turbo Tour

I want to make Turbo Tour for cyclist who have turbo trainers at home, like me. But thought it could also be motivating for user of spinning and gym bikes.

It seems gym bikes are pretty similar to turbo trainers. They can output your watts or just have a resistance. However spinning bikes are a bit different. They have a resistance dial, maybe cadance and also whether the user sits of stands is important.

So as part of the workout for spinning bikes I am going to suggest if the rider should stand or sit.

e.g. hard effort on the flat or working in a break – sit / climbing or sprinting – stand

So the before each workout the user will have the choice for the following trainers:

  • Turbo Trainer
  • Gym Bike
  • Spinning Bike

For turbo trainers or gym bikes, if they have a wattage output and know their ftp, then we can give them a more detailed wattage to aim for, hopefully improving the workout – otherwise we can suggest a resistance on scale of 1-10

What is FTP – Functional Threshold Power – https://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/article/ftp-for-cycling-what-functional-threshold-power-means-how-to-test-it-and-how-to-improve-it-48624/

So we have the following outputs for the workout:

  • Watts
  • Resistance / Effort
  • Cadance / RPM
  • Sit / Stand
  • Gradient

The workout will show some of these depending which trainer they use.

Image from Martin Barák

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