Some Important Decisions - Turbo Tour Cycling Trainer App
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Some Important Decisions

Some Important Decisions

I have decided to only do individual races in the first version. I was hoping to do stage races, but it will be a bit to much work to start off with and could complicate things. So I am going to off a series of one-day type classic races.

One big difference to version 1.0 is that the races will be dynamic, the riders in the groups, winners and loosers will all change every workout, and the users “Rider” will fit somewhere in there, depending on the choice they make. I will also have both male and female rider as options for the races.

As I don’t have the rights to any real races I can have some fun making my own ones up. I think I will do three different series of races. The locations I have chosen are Northern England, Canada and New Zealand. Each series will have 4 one off races or Classics of different terrain and different riders.

The other big decision is how to give the user their expected effort or how hard they should work on each section of the race. Their is way more complicated now due to the wide range of turbo trainers available.

I have had to decide that I can’t offer the Ant+ and Bluetooth integration that trainers such as Zwift or Sufferfest offer. The devlopment required is just too much at this stage, maybe something for the future. But right now we will have to give the expeced offer and it will be up to the user to match it.

I’m going to do some research into different outputs I need for the various turbo trainers and gym bikes out there.

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