Maybe it's time to try and make Turbo Tour again - Turbo Tour Cycling Trainer App
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Maybe it’s time to try and make Turbo Tour again

Maybe it’s time to try and make Turbo Tour again

In 2013 I was living in Dubai and working for a company based in Edinburgh and Canada as a web developer. I found Dubai quite boring, the heat meant that it was difficult to do anything out side during the day, but I found a local cycling club who went for rides early morning at about 5am, so started to get into road cycling.

At work we started looking at make some apps for our products so I started to learn the Android and iPhone development tools – Java and Objective-C at the time. I needed a project to help me learn then, and as I had started cycling alot I decided to make a cycling app.

I was also running quite alot and loved the Run, Zombies, Run app, as well using Sufferfest when working on my indoor trainer – a horrible sweaty activity, but when it’s 40C+ outdside at 9am, indoor cycling is the only safe way of riding. My idea was to try and create an interactive cycling app – and so Turbo Tour was born.

The idea was to try an create a workout, which simulated a race – throughout the race you will be given race options, such as Attack, Stay in Peloton or Sprint. These will affect how you place in the field and also the effort required – which were needed to mirror on your trainer.

I built the app for Android, which was launched in October 2013 – and I tried to launch it on Ios as well, but Apple wern’t too happy with it and so I focused on the Android version as I had limited time.

I initally got some great feedback from users, which was really motivating and I started looking at creating new version with possible paid content.

However my projected with work took over and I had to stop working on Turbo Tour, it just put aside and I pretty much forgot about it as our company started to build a new product Ok Alone, and our exciting service Order Wizard.

As you can see the review really fell off as I stopped supporting it:

But overall I feel the app was quite popular really:

Anyway, the landscape of indoor cycling trainers has completely changed in the last 5 years – the original magnetic trainers which Turbo Tour was based on are seen as quite as very basic, and Smart trainers have taken over – fuelled by the hugely popular Zwift.

The app development landscape has also changed – Objective-C was replaced with Swift and frameworks for building native apps, such as Ionic and React Native mean that you only need one codebase for both Android and Ios.

I have always wondered what would have happened with Turbo Tour if I had supported it, it had over 21,000 downloads and generally good reviews.

As I now need to learn React Native, the indoor cycling market is booming I have decided to try and create a Turbo Tour 2.0. This blog will cover my efforts to create this app, the documentation will help me structure things a bit better hopefully, and maybe even help motivate me – let’s see.



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