Getting Started with Turbo Tour - Turbo Tour Cycling Trainer App
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Getting Started with Turbo Tour

Getting Started with Turbo Tour

As with all new projects I needed to decided what technologies I am going to use to build the app. So I decided to learn React Native. But why?

I am very familiar with Javascript and Angular from previous projects, and have build apps using Ionic before – however dues to the amount of animations and user interaction I wanted to include I think Ionic was be too slow. I needed the native elements and interaction at React Native provides.

The React Native documentation and examples are great, and once I was one the website I was able to get some examples going on installed on both my Android on Ios phones – plus the simulators for development. I made some example pages, including a crude racing simulator to prove it would work. Once this was done, I was happy to continue working on the project.

I am going to do some blog updates as I work through the project.

Here are some things I need to work on over the coming week:

  • Create the basic race simulator – including dynamic race choice, rider selection for groups, time gaps, expected effort and results
  • Basic branding – I am not going to spend too long on this right now, I just need a logo, color scheme and some gragphics for the game
  • Effort output – how to I let the user know what effort the trainer is expecting from them? There are so many different trainers out there
  • Different races/workouts – I need to create some content for the actual races, each race needs to have a story, but also a workout and a feeling of involvement for the person doing the workout
  • User registration – I would want to the user to register some how so they can store all of their efforts off the device for future reference – this could use facebook, google, strava or basic login
  • Strava Integration – so the user can easily upload their workout to strava
  • Create a Player – I have decided it would be more fun for the user to be able to put a basic character into the races
  • Male & Female racers – I want to include both male and female racers, so the users can race against male/female/mixed riders in the game
  • Legal Issues – I will need a privacy policy and also make sure I don’t infringe any trademarks or copyrights when creating the game
  • Website SEo – I will need to create a website and seo plan to try and rank up with competitors




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